Vertex Marble
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Vertexmarble (NATURAL STONE P.C) is a rising power in marble and mining sector. It was founded in Thessaloniki Greece and now it’s headquartered in Drama, Greece.

The company own one white crystal marble which is seated in Thasos island and is exporting it in 23 countries worldwide.

In it’s premises in Drama and Thessaloniki where in the near future the company will start operating a processing factory someone can find raw material from Greek quarries and processed material like marble, granite and quartz slabs and cut to size. Quartz is imported and processed in Greece exclusively by Vertexmarble and is available in many colors and patterns.

Member of BENTLEY STONE group of companies which was founded in Thessaloniki Greece supported by the strategic investor XIAMEN JINYUAN LTD which is headquartered in Xiamen. The multiyear experience and successful route in the marble and mining sector with owned quarries in China and Turkey guarantees the development and success of Vertexmarble.